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Explore the limitless possibilities of Mooncat, a platform that bridges innovation with inclusivity, enabling users to thrive and contribute to a flourishing ecosystem.


About Mooncat


Hey there and welcome to Mooncat! We're more than just your typical meme coin – we're here to create something extraordinary.

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Our aim: a vibrant community where you earn and engage! Imagine: merging an NFT Marketplace with the Metaverse on our platform.

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Wait, there's more! We're crafting a Learn to Earn system: share skills, earn rewards. Join us, let's make something awesome!

Get in on the action during our exclusive presale to snag some $CAT Tokens! We've set aside a hefty 50% of all the tokens just for you to purchase, while the other 50% will help with liquidity and getting listed on exchanges. After the presale, any tokens left unsold will be automatically burned through a smart contract mechanism. This creates a deflationary environment that rewards our valued investors, giving you even more reasons to be a part of our community. Come join us and be part of something awesome!

Get ready for Mooncat to roll out a bunch of awesome features! It's going to be a blast. You can smoothly handle payments for courses or receive payments using $CAT Tokens in our educational system. And hey, want to get into the world of NFTs? Our Marketplace is the place to be for acquiring and trading them. Here's an extra perk: just by holding $CAT Tokens in your wallet, you'll start earning. Plus, we've got this neat thing where any unsold presale tokens get burned, making our token supply shrink and keeping that deflationary vibe going strong.

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Get Started

1. Create a wallet

To get started, the first step is setting up a cryptocurrency wallet account, and you can do this on your desktop computer or your iOS or Android mobile device. You've got a bunch of great options to choose from like Metamask, Trust Wallet, Brave,, or Ledger Live, and these are just some of the popular ones. But hey, it's all about what you like best, so feel free to pick any of the 300+ wallets we support. This way, we make it super easy for everyone to join our presale and make it accessible to all potential investors. It's your choice, and we've got you covered!

2. Connect your wallet

Getting your wallet connected is easy! Just head over to our Presale page, click on the 'WalletConnect' button, and a pop-up will guide you through the process. You can either use a wallet that's already on your device, or if you've got a favorite one in mind, you can pick that and follow the first step, which is setting up a wallet account with them. Once your wallet is all good to go, just make sure to choose the BNB Smart Chain network. And if you don't see it listed in your wallet's main networks, don't stress! You can easily add it manually from the available networks in your wallet.

3. Buy $CAT Tokens

First things first, pick your BNB account, deposit funds to your wallet address, and then make that swap for the $CAT Tokens you want. We'll take care of ensuring those tokens arrive at your wallet address in no time. Now, to see those $CAT Tokens cozying up in your account, head over to the 'Tokens' tab and hit the 'Import tokens' button. Copy the Mooncat contract address from our home page and paste it into the first field, then just tap 'Add custom token'. Boom! Your $CAT Tokens will pop right into your BNB account. It's as easy as that, and we're here to make sure it's a smooth ride for you.